Landlord Information

Hudson Real Estate has been a part of the local Real Estate Industry for over 10 years and has a reputation built on results.  We pride ourselves on giving personal and professional service to our clients.
We are not interested in “buying listings” to build the number of properties we manage.  We prefer to manage a smaller number of properties to ensure our landlords and tenants are kept in the loop – not to be lost and treated as a number.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do We Find Our Tenants?
We regularly advertise in the local paper plus two websites which are updated daily with new properties. Our window display – has high passing foot traffic on a very visible roundabout in the CBD.
Once a tenant has viewed the property and submitted an application the work begins with reference checking from previous landlords, agents and employers. This plus a check on the national data base for any previous history of non-payment or tribunal attendance..

What Happens With Repairs?
We have a well selected directory of tradespeople that we work closely with and insist on good quality work at a good price from them.

How Often Do you Inspect the Property ?
Prior to the tenant moving in, we do a comprehensive inspection and report and another on the tenant vacating. Photos are also taken for comparison.
The first inspection is 3 months after the tenant moving in and then  6 monthly thereafter. The landlord is welcome to inspect the property once a year.

How Do You Know How Much Rent to Charge ?
Years of experience in our Property Management Department certainly gives the added edge of what rents are achievable. Constant changes in the market require constant re-appraisal of what each property is worth to lease out so that you can get the best return on your investment property.

If Another Agency is Managing My Investment Property and I am not Satisfied With the Service?
It is very simple for us to take over the management. You don’t have to do a thing – leave it up to us for a hassle free change-over. Tenant and lease agreement remain unaffected.